We Offer Professional Concrete and Asphalt Core Drilling

Diamond Coring for Concrete

Sylo Contracting offers professional core drilling services. We use diamond drilling bits that allow us to get through the toughest concrete materials to any required depth. This method is perfect for jobs involving:

  • Dryer vents
  • Fireplaces
  • Air & Bathroom Vents
  • Sewer & Floor Drains
  • Stitch Drilling*

*Stitch drilling is used when a linear cut is required in a surface too deep for traditional concrete saws. This is done by way of drilling a linear sequence of small overlapping holes.

Diamond Coring for Asphalt

Sylo Contracting also works with asphalt, and is happy to perform core drilling on this softer material. Asphalt coring is used when:

  • An assessment of thickness of the asphalt is required.
  • The density of the asphalt needs to be determined.
  • You need to investigate the condition of the asphalt and if there are structural cracks.
  • Type of soil underneath the asphalt needs to be confirmed.
  • You need to investigate drainage on the asphalt.