We Offer Expert Asphalt and Concrete Cutting in Edmonton

Ringsaw Cutting

A ringsaw is a type of band saw with a circular, disk-like ring. Ringsaw cutting is unique because the blades are dusted with diamond particles. We use these when doing concrete cutting for our Edmonton clients because they are powerful concrete cutting tools and they don’t bend during the operation of the sawCuts up to 10” deep through hard concrete. It is perfect for a variety of jobs:

  • Adjustments / New Openings
  • Deep Cuts
  • Blocks
  • Pipes
  • Pavers
  • Cutting through walls, ceilings, and floors

Our saw is maneuverable and versatile. It reduces over cutting in corners, which results in cleaner cuts and less touch ups, specifically when teamed up with our concrete chainsaw (below).

Concrete Chainsaw Cutting

Chainsaw concrete cutting involves using a chainsaw to do our work. These chainsaws usually have diamond sections to help cut that tough concrete to the specifications of our clients. Best choice for irregular shaped openings. Can cut as deep as 16” from one side.

  • Block
  • Curbstone
  • Pavers
  • Grooves
  • Pipes
  • Cast concrete

Handheld Concrete Cutting

Handheld sawing involves using a handheld saw powered by electricity or gas power. This method is usually done in areas that are small and not easily accessed with conventional concrete saws. Great for cuts 5” and smaller. Perfect for asphalt patches, sidewalks, and small line cutting (expansion joint cutting).

Slab Cutting with walk behind concrete/asphalt saw

Slab concrete cutting in Edmonton remains a popular service, usually performed on level, flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, or roofs. Slab cutting can be used to make openings for elevators, stairwells, or HVAC ducts. It is used extensively for demolition purposes. Sometimes this method can be used to include decorative designs on concrete as well. Perfect for jobs that involve floor and joint cutting with depths of 0-6.5”. Equipped with a roller to ensure accuracy and precision. Equipment used is light weight which means easy and quick portability. This type of cutting would be used for jobs involving:

  • Trenches for renos, plumbing, and electrical.
  • Sections of driveways, pads
  • Cutting out bigger sections of asphalt for repair

Asphalt Cutting

Along with concrete cutting in Edmonton, our company also performs asphalt cutting. Asphalt cutting requires special equipment because it is a softer material than concrete. Cuts up to 6.5”. Great for jobs requiring installation of services under parking lots, roadways, and anything that requires cuts through asphalt.