We are a Dedicated, Professional Edmonton Concrete Cutting Company

Mike Noble, a 37 year old Saskatchewan native, started his working career at the age of 11. He worked odd jobs in restaurants and later in the construction industry. When he was 20 he decided, just like many young Albertan men, to try the oil patch. Quickly working his way up the ladder to Driller on the drilling rigs, he developed a work ethic like no other.

His hard work and determination lead him from a 12 year career in the oil patch to starting his own landscaping company with his father-in-law. He quickly took over the business and expanded it to general construction contracting where he covered all sorts of areas of the construction industry. Sylo Contracting Ltd was born. He developed experiences ranging from waste removal all the way up to over seeing large construction projects. During this time he discovered his interest in the concrete cutting and coring industry. He began acquiring various pieces of equipment, machinery, and practical experience. After a few years of doing general contracting work he began to realize that he wanted to focus his energy on concrete cutting and coring. He had the equipment, he had the experience, and he had the drive.

So, after much deliberation and discussions with his family, in 2014, Mike decided that this would be his last year as a general contractor. He was going to narrow his specialty and do what he always LOVED to do. Drill holes.

Mike prides himself on his honesty and his hard work ethic. He believes in building personal relationships with his customers and is excited to expand his clientele and build new relationships.